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Bud Simpson
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Budzilla Heavy Industries
Based in Kansas City, Missouri, we provide:
  • Photography – Studio, Location, Commercial, Portrait and Fine Art
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My name is Bud Simpson.

No one is actually named Bud, but my parents were a bit guilty about naming me Orville, and began calling me Bud from my very first day on the planet.

If we had been able to tap into the kind of computing power we have today back when I was sixteen, my old friend Steve and I would just now be getting out of prison. I am not an expert on most things technological, but rather a high-functioning user. How it works is way less important than how I can use it to my advantage. Everything is a tool.

My background is in commercial photography, mainly in catalog production, product photography, corporate and annual report photography. I came to photography as the son of snap-shooting parents, and with the help of a couple of good friends, was able to make a comfortable living photographing cans, bottles and the occasional corporate big-wig. I learned my chops shooting color transparency film in all formats, and have adapted that level of craft to shooting digitally.

I left all that behind a few years back and went to work for another digital imaging company, one that I thought would keep me occupied and challenged for a number of years. That number turned out to be just shy of two, and I had was able to start all over again. I still shoot, but I spend most of my time now in big-box retail management. Don't knock it till you've tried it, pal. It's harder than it looks, and a lot of people aren't cut out for it. Try to keep up with the old guy.

One the advantages of being all grown up is a certain resiliency, the ability to bend to reality that I was incapable of as a younger version of myself. My career as a photographer gave me opportunities to learn and absorb so many facets of business, technology and life in general that I never would have been exposed to in any other way. The best is yet to come.